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Manifestações from the Portuguese "Manifestação", plural "Manifestações", translated into German means:

Demonstration, expression, revelation, manifestation, expression, expression, rally, expression, appearance, mass demonstration, event.

I invited people from the Brazilian community in Germany to realize this project. I was born in Brazil myself and lived there for 22 years. I've been in Germany for 15 years and, like all my guests, have specific reasons to be here. We all tell different stories about it, but what unites us is that we are all children of colonialism. Colonialism brought us to Europe. We are now part of this society like many other migrants, but we are seldom taken seriously, heard and seen. Politics rarely deals with our concerns. We are like ghosts in this society.

The space is given to celebrate our migrant bodies, to mark the ground with our steps, to feel our feelings, to strengthen us, to make ourselves audible, to determine our existence, so as not to forget our past to heal our wounds, to be here in the present, to tell our stories, to have dreams, to be allowed to go on living.

We are brought together by the music that we learned from our ancestors and that is our heritage. Music from different times and by different people, songs and chants of different origins, with different texts and languages, music that makes us easier but also depresses us. Music that makes us feel like we're alive.

Our manifestation is our singing, our joy, our existence, our music, our dancing, our breathing, our existence, our crying, our laughing. Those who watch and listen to us are privileged. Our bodies and spirits have the right to be and stay here.

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