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Entidad Nómada - Tijuana

"Embodiment" / performance

Costume: porcelain, cotton, silk, plastic





The water was cold, the maximum temperature was predicted around 3:00 p.m.: 16 ° C with wind. I left the hostel already fully dressed, in costume, and the closer I got to the sea, the deeper I breathed in and out. A couple of breaks for breathing. My foot touches the sea water and even more breathing. I don't remember exactly how cold it was, but I still remember that it hurt me physically. And the deeper I went in, the more I had to breathe consciously. I believed that I really had to get in the water, that there was a need, that I would go to the other side. And then I actually had to cry when I realized that I didn't really have to do it because I have a home, an apartment, at least a place where I could take a warm shower afterwards. The cold no longer hurt.

When I got used to the water, I was no longer afraid or guilty. I stayed there wave after wave, their violence had warmed me. When I came back from the deep water, I first walked a while, slowly from the wet to the dry, and only then did I sit down on the sand. A passerby addressed me with a lot of respect and it took me all day to get out of this state.

I think there is actually a reality that we can create and that we as artists can use to awaken feelings, awareness, knowledge, responsibility, and I hope to change actions in society in the process.

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