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Entidad Nómada

"Embodiment" / performance

Installation depending on the performance location

Costume: porcelain, cotton, silk, plastic

Ciudad de México / Tijuana / Xochimilco



I decided to create an entity for people who defend themselves against borders in this world. She is nomadic. Being nomadic is a primal characteristic of many living beings on this planet, including us humans. Strangely enough, many do not want to accept that. Walls are being built and laws are drafted that forbid this mobility. Few bodies have the freedom to move around the world the way they want to. They are privileged bodies. This freedom is defined by factors such as country of origin, ID / passport, skin color, class, gender, etc. Not everyone is allowed to move freely and those who dare to move without showing the necessary characteristics risk everything. Many even lose their lives in the process, just because they try to set off for a supposedly better, safer, more real life in another place.

What is protecting these bodies? Who can you turn to if you need help? Who is responsible for all of these lives? As an artist, I see the need to ask these questions. To deal with this topic I created the Entidad Nómada.

The nomadic entity does not belong to any religion, but has its origin in the need for humanity to believe in something. In dealing with the subject, the search for a form resulted in a costume design. The costume is made of porcelain, cotton, silk and plastic. These materials are all intertwined in human history in an individual and complex way. Interwoven in them are different temporalities, different values, different responsibilities, different crimes and different qualities.

The Entidad Nómada only exists through embodiment when the costume is animated by a human body. Everyone can transform themselves into the Entidad Nómada, slip into it and deal with it: having fears because it looks different; to be watched because she doesn't belong; but also to have power because it dared to go beyond all these limits.

I dedicate this project to all the bodies that have disappeared or been abused because they dared to move further with the hope of a better future.

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