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triumph of will

From the series "... about freedom of expression in Germany ..."


Different formats



The second poster from the series "... on freedom of expression in Germany ..." quotes two films by Leni Riefenstahl: "Triumph des Willens" (1935 - Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, 1934) and "Olympia" (1938 - Olympic Games in Berlin 1936). The first film is the title and, in combination with the other elements of the poster, brings with it several meanings and interpretations. The original film poster for "Olympia" provides the pose, which Riefenstahl refers to the body of a naked, sporty, white woman.

On my poster I quote the pose with my own body. I am the person on the poster. My body does not correspond to the body image ideal of this time and this ideology. But not only the body is "different", but also the world citizen status, my Brazilian passport does not have the same value compared to a German passport.

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