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Trau(e) dich in Deutschland II

Dare (e) you in Germany I + II

From the series "... about freedom of expression in Germany ..."

Performance: Latin American woman, her wedding dress, wedding ring

Poster: Dare (e) you in Germany I

Shop window / showcase




During an exhibition as part of the EMAF Experience in Osnabrück, I combined the third poster I created Trau (e) dich in Deutschland I from the series "... about freedom of expression in Germany ..." with a performance.

For the poster I dealt with the campaign slogan “Dare to Germany” , which was to be read on advertising posters of the right-wing AfD party in the year. The color scheme of my poster and the font used are similar to the AfD original poster, although they are not the same. I broke up the slogan and added a word to it, so that the sentence is now “Dare to be in Germany” . I combine this sentence with the picture of my hand with my wedding ring on the middle finger.

In a showcase I presented myself in my wedding dress and with a wedding ring. I stared at passers-by while showing the ring on my middle finger. The Strelitzia pattern of my dress refers to the "exoticization" of Latin American women.

Trau(e) dich in Deutschland
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