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Laboratory (research)

Ongoing research

Reflections on art, work, craft

Everywhere in the world

Since 2016

The trigger was an older work of mine: "Pontos". It was then that I started to think about my artistic position and my political and social positioning in society. How can I make a difference through my work or address certain topics? Under what conditions can and would I like to produce art today?

With the laboratory I examine what values ​​objects get when they are declared as art and who is allowed to define this value? Who has the power to decide what is art or not? How precise are terms such as craft, design and art and why do they have such different values? Who can consume art? Who can consume handcrafted objects? Are they luxury items as they are handmade? Is handicraft then art because I am an artist? Who are artists? Who are workers or who are the enslaved? What is mass production and when does it appear in the art scene? How do authors behave when it comes to works of art, design, handicrafts or consumer products?

I do not answer all of these questions, but they are the starting point for developing further works that deal with this topic.

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