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"... on freedom of expression in Germany ..."


Different formats and media


Since 2017

During the time of the election campaign in 2017, when the AfD had distributed a whole series of humiliating election posters in various German cities, my sister from Berlin called me at some point to make sure that the text on one of the posters was actually correct read and understood. On this poster it was written “Germans we do it ourselves”, plus a picture of a pregnant white woman.

I then began to design a series of posters for my part in which I question the freedom of expression advocated by right-wing extremists. For this I appropriated texts, colors, motifs, etc. from the right-wing extremist scene in order to test how far I could go with it without being part of this political scene. This resulted in several works and reactions that triggered important, sometimes controversial and absurd discussions and reflections.

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